Coordination of Support

What is Support Coordination?

The goal of Support Coordination is to help participants to get the best outcome and results with your NDIS plan and implement an approved plan by supporting the participants to connect with the larger systems of support and understanding the purpose of the funding.

Support Coordinator’s will assist a participant to understand all aspects of the plan, help in the ongoing management and answer questions as they arise. Support coordinators work creatively and resourcefully with participants in how they utilise their support budgets to achieve their goals.

We assist community members to engage with services that meet their individual needs, thereby giving them choice and control in bigger life decisions.

Support coordination strengthens and enhances an individual’s capacity to coordinate supports, self direct and manage supports and participate in the community. We ensures that finances are available to enable participants to use the NDIS portal to resolve any issues that may arise.

Our experienced Support Coordination staff can act on behalf of the participant, to contact organisations, community groups and services to research your options and obtain quotes so you can make an informed decision about which services you would like to purchase with your NDIS funding.

One of our focus is to communicate effectively with our capped support coordinator to ensure the best quality supports are delivered to you.


What does this mean for you?

This means that upon your sign up with My Helpcare Services you will be allocated  to a Support Coordinator with the appropriate expertise and wealth of knowledge to enable you to build a relationship/s centred on respect, openness, trust and ensure you feel supported in working toward your goals.


Why is My Helpcare Services the right provider for you?

Our team at My Helpcare are passionate and resourceful professionals that specialise in Mental Health, Psychosocial and Physical Disability. We work collaboratively with you and all services involved in your care — this can include not just your NDIS services but also your GP or health related services including mental health or even the Department of Housing to ensure you are linked with the utmost quality providers and services to support your needs and are being properly advocated for.

We consider the significance of informed choice and take the time to teach you when needed about the supports that can be funded by your specific NDIS plan and how it can be best implemented to get you the most out of your plan. We develop an all-inclusive goal orientated plan in partnership with you to ensure that from the start of your plan until the end, your supports are working toward helping you achieve what is most important to you.


How will our support coordinator assist you?

My helpcare Support Coordinators can help you find and connect with different mainstream services.

This could be a TAFE course, a physiotherapist, or even getting a mental health plan through your GP.

They can also help you:

  • Be a part of your community
  • Find and connect with local NDIS supports
  • Work collaboratively with all services involved in your care, this may include – GP, Health, TAFE, Dept of Housing and NDIS services
  • Work out the best way to spend your funds
  • Use the myGov website and NDIS Participant Portal
  • Prepare for your NDIS plan review.
  • Understand your NDIS plan
  • Understand your budget
  • Involve you in all aspects of your support, choices on plan allocation and plan review


Do staff at My Helpcare know the best local services for me?

Yes, we definitely do! Our Support Coordinators are locals themselves!

They have great relationships with local services and supports and will make sure they always find the right fit for you.


Are My Helpcare Support Coordinators independent?

Yes! All Support Coordinators at My Helpcare are independent.

Their job is to make sure they find the best option for you by looking at all the choices on the table.


NDIS Support Categories

Support Coordination is funded under Capacity Building – Support Coordination in your NDIS plan.

If you do not have Support Coordination in your plan, you (or your nominee) will need to do these tasks.

Please note: We bill in line with the NDIS Price Guide which generally increases annually.