Expression Of Interest

Expression Of Interest

This Expression of Interest is to assist My HelpCare Support, in gathering all the information required to adequately assess your referral for Supported Independent Living (SIL), Community Access, Individual Living Options (ILO) and Short Term/ Medium Term Accommodation support (Respite Care).

Before completing this document, please ensure that you have the consent to share information if you are completing this expression of interest on someone’s behalf.
You can also ask for and receive support to complete this EOI.

Our intake team will process your expression as quickly as possible and ask for more information where needed.

Feel free to ask us any questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact our administrator on 0240179000 or via email:


Important Information!


What happens next?

• MCHS staff will be in touch to confirm your expression of interest has been received and advise of the details for the next step;

• MCHS will process your EOI and assess its capacity to provide the supports you have requested and will let you know the outcome in writing;

• Our intake team may ask you to provide additional information or take further action to support your expression of interest.

If we confirm that we can likely meet your support request, we will seek to make further arrangements with you and your support network.

These arrangements may include:

• Meeting in person and discussing your request in more detail as pertaining to person centred supports;

• Gaining your consent to speak further with people involved in your care;

• Inviting you to come and view a home or location;

• Introducing you to more of our team and any other people who you might be around if you start receiving supports from us; and

• Working with you to develop a transition plan or possible timelines to start receiving support.

When can I come and stay or move in?

We will need to work together before you can stay short term or move in.

We will work together to:
Complete the Expression of Interest, with any available documents attached;

• Make sure everyone approves, and gives consent (including guardians if appointed);

• Talk about the Service Agreement making sure we agree on details, rights and responsibilities;

• Receive formal approval (in writing) from the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) as well as any other funding bodies involved in your care (such as Department of Community Services and icare); and

• Sign and complete the Service Agreement, arranging the date for your first stay in the processes.